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Bits are offered by different brands. For more information about these brands, click here.

Cheek piece

The cheek piece of the bit is located at the side of the horse's mouth. The cheek piece is the place where the bridle and reins are attached. Cheek pieces come in different varieties. The pressure point overview  indicates which part of the horse’s head is affected by the cheek piece.


This search function allows you to select bits based on the construction of the mouthpiece. A bit can be single broken, double-broken or multi-broken, but also flexible or unbroken.


The material affects the acceptance of the bit. More information about materials can be found under material.


The mouthpiece of the bit is located in the mouth of the horse. Different widths and thicknesses exist and there are many variations of mouthpieces. The pressure point overview indicates which part of the mouth is affected by the mouthpiece.

Construction information
  1. Double jointed (267)
  2. Flexible (89)
  3. Jointed (240)
  4. multiple jointed (24)
  5. Straight bar (274)
Brand information
  1. Abbey (211)
  2. Beris (56)
  3. Happy Mouth (22)
  4. Metalab (35)
  5. Mikmar (27)
  6. Myler (6)
  7. Nathe (16)
  8. Pessoa (16)
  9. Poponcini (18)
  10. Shires (8)
  11. Sprenger (HS) (43)
  12. Stübben (2)
  13. Stübben STEELtec (8)
  14. Trust (448)
  15. Various (20)
  16. WTP (4)